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The quality of your metal determines the quality of your product. Mac Metal focuses on supplying 100-percent defect-free weldments and fabrications. These high-quality goods exceed the expectations of a broad range of customers, ranging from massive Fortune 500 companies to local family businesses.

For 50 years, Mac Metal has continued to refine its process and improve its standing, decades-long commitment to excellence. The company invests in the skills, efficiency, and safety of all its craftsmen, including its team of fully AWS-certified steel and aluminum welders.

A History of Quality

Over the years, several world-class companies have audited Mac Metal’s quality and business practices. Mac Metal has consistently received high audit scores from these independent entities. These, plus strong quality performance and the positive feedback of Mac Metal’s customers, have given the company the assurance that they’re succeeding in their mission.

But that approval isn’t enough. Over the past 50 years, Mac Metal has remained dedicated to consistently improving its quality management and customer satisfaction processes that serve as guidelines for all their work:

  • In the early 1990s, Mac Metal created its first quality-control manual, which detailed the strict quality procedures that had been in play at Mac Metal for decades.
  • Since then, Mac Metal has made steady updates to its quality-control manual, while it continuously improves its procedures. This includes recording and maintaining material and labor traceability and submitting the most rigorous ISIR and PPAP first article submissions.
  • Mac Metal has continued to grow its customer feedback systems over time. The company implemented a new ERP system in 2014 to focus on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction and has built a strong team of professionals who are aimed at maximizing customer satisfaction with every part, every time.
  • In 2017, Mac Metal began the process of overhauling its quality management system to begin incorporating elements of ISO.

Mac Metal’s current plan is to become formally ISO certified by 2020. However, Mac Metal strongly believes that providing high-quality metal fabrications and weldments isn’t a matter of ticking off boxes on an official certification form. A commitment to quality is the lifeblood of a company like Mac Metal, and it must go deeper than bureaucratic paperwork.

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