Mac Metal Increases Laser Cutting Capacity

Nearly four years ago, Mac Metal bought its first fiber laser – giving us the ability to cut a wide array of materials faster and with better accuracy. Now, we’re proud to announce the purchase of second fiber laser – more than doubling our Laser Cutting capacity.

The new laser, an Amada Ensis Series 3015 9000-watt fiber laser, is not only faster than our previous laser technology, but its more powerful beam generation technology also creates super smooth cuts for higher quality finished products.

This high-capacity fiber laser expands our capabilities by:

  • Cutting and processing a wide range of materials including steel, aluminum, brass, copper and highly reflective materials
  • Precise control of the spot size and focus position
  • Maximum 60-inchx120-inch cut size
  • Cuts up to four times faster than a CO2 laser
  • Upgraded processor allows for fastest amount of control available
  • Super smooth cuts with no burrs

Learn more about our laser cutting capabilities.

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