New Fiber Laser Technology Saves Time and Money

Mac Metal is constantly searching for ways to improve work efficiencies and product quality. Our latest investment is an Amada LCG 3015 AJ Series Fiber Laser, a top-of-the-line fiber laser cutter that delivers high-quality results and is three times as efficient when compared to a CO2 laser system.

What Is a Fiber Laser?

The idea behind a laser cutter is simple: it focuses a laser on metal in set patterns on the metal to be worked. All laser cutters excel at precision cutting, engraving and other metalwork.

But different laser cutters use different techniques to create the intense, single-frequency light required. For instance, many older models of laser cutters are CO2 lasers, which use electricity to excite molecules in a tube of gas. They then focus the resulting light into a laser using a series of optical mirrors. While this is an effective technique, it takes time for the laser to charge, and the machine requires a lot of power.

Fiber lasers like Mac Metal’s new Amada LCG 3015 AJ Series Fiber Laser create light with diodes, then use fiber optic cable to channel and intensify light. This is a far more efficient method than older laser cutter technology used.

Quality Work with Three Times the Efficiency

Fiber laser cutters have no moving parts or mirrors, which makes the machine far less expensive to operate and maintain. They cut up to three times faster than CO2 machines using a third of the power.

Mac Metal passes on these savings in time and cost to you. With Mac Metal’s new fiber laser, you can expect faster project turnaround at a lower cost.

Plus, unlike many other models of laser, fiber lasers like Mac’s new model can cut reflective surfaces without damaging the machine. Mac Metal is now fully equipped to perform precision laser cutting and engraving on reflective metals like aluminum, brass and copper.

Mac Metal values the efficiency of its operations. With the new, high-efficient Amada LCG 3015 AJ Series Fiber Laser, we can deliver precision metalwork on a wide range of materials, with a faster turnaround time and less cost to you.

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